How do we recommend SELMA to be used by social media providers?

In this document, we will draw upon the SELMA Toolkit to illustrate in more detail how young people can participate in a meaningful way in the development of innovative ideas to prevent or remediate online hate speech, with ideas ranging from concrete technological solutions (a platform, a mobile app or a new type of design standards), to better counselling and reporting mechanisms, education programmes, awareness campaigns, or any other ground-breaking strategy one could think of.

Social media providers can integrate these and other ideas and materials in their own education or awareness-raising programmes, or they can partner with governments or civil society organisations to develop, promote or roll out similar projects and initiatives across national markets.

In addition, we present a number of ideas and concepts which emerged from the “Hacking Hate” hackathon, where the winning teams all pitched a prototype in front of an international jury having the chance of winning the SELMA "Hacking Hate" award.

Our ultimate goal is to encourage and inspire companies to explore and find ways to listen to the voice of youth. When online content and services are truly tailored to the needs of children and young people, it can enable them to learn, have fun, create, enjoy, develop a positive view of themselves and others, while enhancing their active participation in society.

In brief, positive online experiences provide the most effective remedy against hate!