The SELMA Digital Book is out!

The SELMA Digital Book is out!

After two years of collaborative effort to tackle online hate speech, the SELMA project is drawing to a close. The SELMA Digital Book "How SELMA is driving online change" draws upon the experiences and successes of the many people who became involved in the project.

Read the Digital Book below.

The SELMA Digital Book features an overview of:

  1. The project's comprehensive research programme on online hate speech;
  2. The Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) approach employed throughout the project to hack hate;
  3. Young people's agency to navigate the issue of online hate speech, raise awareness, promote counter-narratives, disrupt negative behaviours and amplify positive messages;
  4. The SELMA Toolkit, aiming to give educators the keys to build comprehensive and sustained pathways of change;
  5. The involvement of Ministries of Education, policy makers, social media platforms, experts and civil society organisations in the SELMA project;
  6. How the SELMA partners are committed to continuing to hack online hate in the future.

We hope these stories will inspire you to join us on the SELMA journey!

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