How to make SELMA work in a school context

This “How to?” guide is primarily targeting school teachers who wish to educate their pupils about online hate speech, drawing upon the SELMA Toolkit modules and materials. This guide should also appeal to a wider audience of educators and professionals involved in the local school community, including school curriculum designers, school psychologists and guidance counsellors, pastoral and behavioural leads, as well as parents and carers.

The objective of the SELMA project is to promote mutual awareness, tolerance and respect, through a holistic empowerment approach, to tackle online hate speech.

The target age range is 11-16 but the SELMA Toolkit is flexible enough to be adapted for age groups slightly above and below this range. The activities themselves are not age-differentiated although some are more accessible to younger students than others.

With this in mind, the following guide offers two approaches when using SELMA:

  • Using SELMA with 11-13 year olds
  • Using SELMA with over 13 year olds

Education strategies such as Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), media literacy and citizenship education are at the core of the SELMA Toolkit. This might sound familiar and exciting for some, but daunting for others. Therefore, we also provide an introductory and advanced pathway, as to make the Toolkit activities accessible for all, regardless of expertise and background.

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