How can we effect change in our community?

  • Context


    This section provides research background and prompts questions for each theme.

  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Social and Emotional Learning

    Through Social and Emotional Learning, young people develop self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship skills. This section provides activities that promote Social and Emotional Learning for each theme.

  • Media Analysis

    Media Analysis

    Media analysis offers opportunities to explore how each aspect of online hate speech presents itself across online media, and to develop critical analysis skills to understand context, drivers, cultural perspective, and so on. This section includes media analysis activities for each theme.

  • Media Production

    Media Production

    Media production offers creative opportunities to use a wide range of media to navigate issues, raise awareness, promote counter-narratives, disrupt negative behaviours and amplify positive messages. This section focuses on media production skills for each theme.

  • Citizenship


    Citizenship education empowers teenagers to make constructive and ethical choices about personal behaviour and social interactions. This section provides activities that promote citizenship and positive action for each theme.

  • Peer Mentoring

    Peer Mentoring

    This section contains activities to help young people work with their peers on each theme.

  • External Resource Curation

    External Resource Curation

    This sections contains a set of relevant links to external content for each theme.